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Implementation of the National Climate Plan

© GIZ, National Climate Plan
© GIZ, National Climate Plan

Algeria has adopted several climate-related strategies and programmes. However, in individual sectors such as agriculture, climate change is still not taken adequately into account at the policy level.

The programme is carrying out the following activities:

  • integration of climate change as an aspect of sector policies and development planning
  • local level pilot projects on climate change adaptation and mitigation
  • creation of a pool of experts from various ministries, the private sector, academia and civil society
  • public awareness raising on the topic of climate change

The objective of the programme is to reflect the importance of climate change in relevant sector policies and development plans at national and local levels in Algeria, to help Algerian actors to have better expertise and institutional arrangements for implementing the national climate plan, and to raise awareness of important climate protection measures among the general public.

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