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Guideline for Adaptation and Increasing Resilience of Industrial Parks to the Impacts of Climate Change

© GIZ, Guideline for Adaptation
© GIZ, Guideline for Adaptation

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry (GoI), the Departments of Industries and Commerce of the then Govt. of Andhra Pradesh and APIIC along with GIZ took a decision in the year 2013 to take up the project of “Adaptation to Climate Change in Industrial Areas in India” to address the challenges of climate change with a focus on Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

During the course of the project, both, APIIC and TSIIC may adopt a policy to make existing and upcoming industrial areas in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana State, India, more climate resilient. The aim of this guideline is to anchor the consideration of Climate Change Adaptation (CCA) in the planning process of new industrial areas, as well as in further development and refurbishment of existing ones.


Main features and components

The guideline provides orientation and develops a standard approach and methodology on how to plan for adaptation and increasing resilience of existing and upcoming industrial areas in APIIC/TSIIC.

Generally, there are two possible scenarios for CCA planning:

  1. For new IPs the preparation of a master plan is a mandatory step. In the future, CCA concerns need to be integrated comprehensively in such master plans and the related planning and decision making processes.
  2. For existing IPs, a CCA action plan needs to be prepared containing actual CCA measures. There are two sub-scenarios: (a) making an entire IP climate resilient and (b) implementing a specific measure or several measures.

Implementation and work steps

In general, the following steps need to be considered and completed:

  1. A climate risk analysis identifying the main hazards the IP is exposed to, the IPs vulnerability and the resulting risks;
  2. The identification, selection, and prioritization of CCA measures based on specific criteria of importance and cost;
  3. Funding and implementation of the identified measures;
  4. Continuous monitoring, evaluation and learning.


Thus, the guidelines are organised along the following chapters:

  1. Adaptation to Climate Change of Industrial Areas
  2. Climate Risk Analysis of Industrial Parks
  3. Climate Risk Impact Assessment of various Hazards
  4. Adaptation Planning & Implementation Process


Industrial parks can better adapt and increase their resilience to the impacts of climate change.

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