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Training of Trainers (ToT) on Waste Management in T&G industry BD


This tool functions as a comprehensive guide intended for trainers, learning facilitators, and service providers responsible for imparting knowledge about chemical and waste management in the textile and garment industry. It specifically centers on the content of a training course dedicated to waste management. The guideline is further enhanced by its integration with the GIZ Chemical Management Self-Learning course and direct access to REMC materials through the GIZ-administered atingi learning platform.

Main features and components

The primary objectives and components of this trainer guideline include:

1. Target Audience: The primary target audience includes trainers, advisors, and service providers engaged in training factory staff on chemical management and cleaner production. It is also suitable for those seeking to understand sustainable chemical and waste management in the international textile/garment supply chains.

2. Integration with Existing Materials: The guideline suggests that users familiarize themselves with the REMC toolkit and additional training materials for service providers, such as the DSHC guidelines.

3. Overview of Presentations: The training course comprises eleven topic-specific presentations, covering various aspects of waste management and chemical management in the textile and garment industry, including hazardous substances, legal requirements, solid waste reduction, wastewater treatment, sludge management, and the circular textile economy.

Implementation and work steps

Trainers, facilitators, and service providers have several options for incorporating the waste management training course for the textile and garment industry into their own activities. They can directly integrate the provided presentations into their virtual or face-to-face workshops, replacing their existing materials. In this capacity, their role shifts to facilitating discussions and reflections on the training content, enhancing engagement among workshop participants.




Phase of intervention

Operating SIA

Level of intervention

Park management





Target groups

Company, SME, Industrial area management and operator