Training | Energy and energy efficiency

Training for Energy Managers of Textile & Garment Factories

This tool aims to guide textile and leather factories in implementing Resource Efficient Management of Energy (REME) with a focus on integrating the GIZ Energy Management training/course. It was developed under the project Promoting Sustainability in the Textile and Garment Industry in Asia (FABRIC). The primary goal is to enhance energy efficiency and management for textile and garment factory personnel. While referencing international energy standards, the materials do not ensure strict conformance but aim to improve factories' ability to meet these standards, comply with legal requirements, and satisfy customer expectations.

Main features and components

After completing the program, participants will be able to:

  1. Understand international energy management system guidelines and standards.
  2. Conduct baseline energy assessments in line with Higg FEM and ISO 50002 requirements.
  3. Analyze material and energy flows in textile and garment processes and utilities.
  4. Understand greenhouse gas (GHG) concepts, conduct GHG accounting and reporting.
  5. Assess energy and GHG balance in processes and utilities.
  6. Calculate energy and GHG reduction potential and explore renewable energy solutions.
  7. Develop energy and GHG objectives, targets, and action plans in compliance with local regulations.
  8. Assess competence needs and develop energy awareness and competence programs.


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