In collaboration with international partners, the SIA Working Group (WG) developed a wide variety of measures and tools, highlighting the most important sustainability aspects for planning and operation of industrial areas, as well as for elaborating on a legal framework for the development of SIA. This toolbox is a compilation of our instruments and expertise in the field of sustainable industrial areas and their whole life cycle. It shall guide projects, partner institutions, but also provide orientation for decision-makers on policy level, administrative authorities, industrial park managers and planners in the use of the developed tools and materials.
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Assessment | Energy and energy efficiency


© GIZ, Wastewater Management

Best practice | Wastewater management, Properly treating wastewater, Recovering and reusing wastewater

Wastewater Management in Industrial Parks


Manual | Chemical management, Eliminating hazardous chemicals, Ensuring efficient management of chemicals, Good management practices, Updating standard curriculum for sustainability in textiles

Resource Efficient Management of Chemicals in Textile and Leather Sector Companies

© GIZ, Marokko

Training | Energy and energy efficiency, Good management practices, Tackling climate change

Resource Efficiency Training for Policy Makers PNERI- Programme National D'Efficacité des Ressources de l'Industrie au Maroc

© GIZ, Resource Efficiency India

Best practice | Energy and energy efficiency

Resource Efficiency Experiences in India: Construction and Automotive Sector

Poster with Icons

Training | Good management practices

Planning Games

© GIZ, Jiangsu

Case study | Good management practices, Establishing management system, Incorporating circular economy concepts, Tackling climate change

Pathways to Industrial Symbiosis in China

© GIZ, Eco-Industrial India

Case study | Good management practices, Tackling climate change

Pathway to Eco-Industrial Development in India

Messestadt Riem

Case study | Good management practices

International Practice in Site Master Planning

Eco-industrial framework

Manual | Good management practices

International Framework for Eco-Industrial Parks

© GIZ, Environmental Improvement Drive

Best practice | Tackling climate change

Industrial Environmental Improvement Drive

© GIZ, Monitoring SIA

Best practice | Good management practices

Monitoring SIA